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Mobile Web

A high percentage of websites DO NOT display correctly on Smartphones! Users may experience a slow loading site with 'difficult to read' text that you need to pinch, drag and expand to view clearly and images that do not display correctly. As a consequence customers usually close these sites through frustration!!

IPhones and current Android Smart phones do not display any form of flash content - therfore if you your website is built in full flash or partly in Flash, these elements will not be visible!
WebX can now offer you specific MOBILE READY extraction that display correctly for ALL Smart Phones!
'Smart Phone Ready' optimised mobile browsing is a must for serious business owners of today!!
**All of WebX mobile sites designs are optimised for mobile browsing. They are thumb friendly, light ‘n’ easy to navigate with NO HORIZONTAL SCROLL! (only vertical) and provide a one tap to call and one tap to email action.
By purchasing your Mobile Ready site, your customers will receive an EASY TO VIEW, lightweight mobile experience which extends to ANY Smart Phone.
 Important Mobile Facts:
  • There are five mobile phones to every PC in the world, and they are increasingly being used to look for businesses on the Web
  • It's estimated that 80% of consumers worldwide have access to the internet via their mobile phone
  • Web traffic from mobile devices increased 188% globally in the past year alone
  • Studies show that a mobile-friendly site creates an overall traffic increase of 23%
  • Of the mobile users that have a bad experience when they visit a website (e.g. difficult navigation because the site isn't optimized for mobile browsers) 61% will not go back to the site.
  • 75% of Trade sites in Australia were accessed via smartphones?